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Physics & device modelling
Semiconductor & MEMS technologies
Diffusion & oxidation
Wet etching & wafer cleaning
Thin film deposition & etching
Material and device characterization
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Material and device characterization

Electrical characterization
  • HP 4145 B Semiconductor Parametric Analyzer
  • HP 4284A Precision LCR meter
  • HP 4140 B pA - meter, DC voltage source
  • HP 4280 A 1MHz C - meter, CV plotter + Mercury Probe Hg-401RL
  • HP 3457A Multimeter
  • Wentworth AWP 1050 Automatic Wafer Prober with TEMPTRONIC termochuck TP 0315A-TS-2 - HP PC with IEEE controller interface card
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Optical & mechanical characterization
  • PHILTEC cross-sectioner for characterization of diffused layers
  • Atcor APC-1000 Air-born Particle Counter , sensitivity 0.3 - 5.0μm particles
  • OLYMPUS optical microscopes: magn. 50-1000x, backlight, dark-field
  • Taylor-Hobson Talysurf Surface Profiler for measuring thin film thickness and roughness, range 10nm-4mm, resolution 10nm, travel length 0,5-120mm, scan speed 0,5mm/s, applied force on the stylus 0,7-1mN
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Workbench for process parameter measurements and characterization

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LEITZ Ergolux for critical dimensions measurements (resolution 10nm)

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Sheet resistivity prober: VEECO 4 point measurement AIT CMT-SR2000N automatic 4-point resistivity prober
  • wafers up to 200mm, range 1mohm/sq - 2Mohm/sq, 10μohmcm - 200KOhmcm, current source 10nA-100mA, accuracy 0,5%
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Spectroscopic ellipsometer, SpecEL-2000-VIS, mikropack
  • thin film thickness and refractive index measurements
  • HeNe 1mW laser, Φ=1mm
  • angles 70°, 50° in 30°
  • range 0-6000nm
  • accuracy ±0,3nm
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