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Laboratory of Microsensor Structures and Electronics
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Physics & device modelling
Semiconductor & MEMS technologies
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Wet etching & wafer cleaning
Thin film deposition & etching
Material and device characterization
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Semiconductor & MEMS technologies

Semiconductor process technology and equipment available in LMSE allows investigations of basic physical phenomena and development of novel electronic devices, merging planar and MEMS specific technologies.

In the field of silicon planar technologies LMSE has over two decades of industrially proven experiences in design and fabrication of custom designed optical encoder silicon chips.

In the field of MEMS, LMSE is focusing on development of different structures and devices by integrating materials such as silicon, glass, PDMS, SU8, etc., for microfluidics with applications in medicine and bio-chemical engineering.

Clean room facilities
  • Location: LMSE, Faculty of Electrical Engineering UL, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Controlled parameters: temperature, humidity, airflow, particles
  • Class 100 (Federal Standard 209 E) i.e.. ISO class 5 (1999 ISO 14644-1), total area 70 m2
  • Class 10 under working bench flow booth, air ionizing equipment
  • Additional grey zone with background facilities (central vacuum system, central cleaning system, compressed air station, liquid nitrogen, central PPN system DI water)
Clean room
Grey zone