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Laboratory of Microsensor Structures and Electronics
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Physics & device modelling
Semiconductor & MEMS technologies
Diffusion & oxidation
Wet etching & wafer cleaning
Thin film deposition & etching
Material and device characterization
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Current projects Recent international industrial projects
  • Development, design and fabrication of microchips, Micropto, Milano, Italia
  • Development, design and fabrication of microchips Peine-Fagor, Fagor, Mondragon, Spain
  • Development, design and fabrication of microchips Dash II, Renishaw, New Mills, UK
  • Development, design and fabrication of microchips Active Head P3060, Renishaw, UK
  • Multiproject chip DASH, Renishaw, New Mills, UK

Recent projects with slovenian partners
  • Microstructures and nanostructures P2-244
  • Piezoresistive retractor used in Lumbar Discectomy, UKC, L3-0309-0312-08
  • Processing of silicon wafers, RLS, Slovenia, S-855
  • Multi-project chip DASH, RLS, Slovenia, S-832
  • Multi-project chip BANTAM, RLS, Slovenia, S-804
  • Cooperation with Ministry of Defence, Slovenia
  • Development of Research Infrastructure - Centre of Excellence: Materials for electronics of future generation and other incoming technologies, Coordinator in LMSE: Asst. Prof. dr. Danilo Vrtacnik

Recent international projects
  • BioPharm.Si
  • 6.Framework Programme: Micro-Nanosystem European Network, MINOS-EURONET, Specific Support Action, Contract No. 015704, prof.dr. Slavko Amon - head of a project for Slovenia
  • Socrates Minerva, Grant Agreement No. 116947-CP-1-2004-SI-MINERVA-M, prof.dr. Slavko Amon - coordinator of project with approved budget of 378.388,00 Euro
  • Projects IST project Web-based Standard Educational Tools (WebSET, IST-1999-10632)
  • IST project (IST-2001-34204) School LABoratory anticipating FUTURE needs of European Youth (LAB@FUTURE).
  • EU project Minerva 100152-CP-1-2002-1-EE-MINERVA-M:LearningFolders(LeFo) - - "open source" online educational publishing and support for primary schools.
  • Membership in Network of Excellence "Nano2Life" in 6. EU framework

Cooperation with other institutions
  • IRST, Trento, ITALY: Investigations in semiconductor technologies (test structures developement, CCD CMOS process scaling)
  • UNIVERSITA DI TRENTO, Trento, ITALY: Modelling and design of low temperature (cryo) devices
  • UNIVERSITA DI TRIESTE and ISTITUTO NAZIONALE DI FISICA NUCLEARE -SEZIONE TRIESTE, Trieste, ITALY: Analysis and modeling of X-ray detectors for medical applications
  • Technology Modelling Associates (TMA), Palo Alto, USA: Developement of physical models for semiconductor device simulation
  • LAAS/CNRS, Toulouse, FRANCE: Modeling of high-voltage termination structures CERN, Geneva, SWITZERLAND & IJS, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA: Research and developement of high-energetic particles sensors
  • ISKRA HIPOT, Šentjernej, SLOVENIA: Research and developement of silicon pressure sensors
  • RLS, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA: Research and processing of silicon photosensors
  • ISKRA Tela, SLOVENIA: Research and processing of silicon photosensors
  • Institute Jožef Štefan, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA: Research and development of x-ray radiation detectors and systems
  • IEVT, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA: Research and development of radiation detectors and scintillators
  • RENISHAW, Bristol, UK
  • SEMIKRON, Trbovlje, Slovenia